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Raising Runners: Can Kids Safely Run Distance of 5km or 10km?

Can Kids Safely Run Distance 5km 10km

Kids love to run, but can kids safely run distance? It’s one thing to play soccer and run after a ball, another to enter a 1km fun run, but at what age can kids consider running 5km? Or even 10km? After learning a few running basic like these, and some training you may be surprised what kids can accomplish.  At what age can kids safely run distance like 5km or even a 10km race? Our kids started running very young as our IronKids Brand has always sponsored local events and we believe in participating in events we sponsor. Our youngest…

Raising Runners: Tips for Teaching Kids To Run

Teaching Kids to Run Distance

Moments after taking their first steps, kids are literally off and running – or so it seems – do we really need to be teaching kids to run?  Running for a sport is different than running for play, and running a race or for a distance goal has unique challenges. For soccer or basketball you need to run with speed and agility to turn quickly, to kick and to jump. For track there are obvious advantages to running fast but using arms for momentum, running with proper posture and the right technique at the start line can make a difference in how you place. These skills are…