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Purge Processed Snacks: Pack Healthier School Snacks

Purge Processed Snacks Pack Healthier School Snacks

The idea of a snack or mini meal to get you through until lunch or dinner has quickly been replaced by convenient, readily available processed snacks. No where is this more apparent than in school lunches and classroom recycle bins.  We are a society living in the fast lane and somewhere along the highway we substituted empty calories and processed food for nutrition.  To make matters worse, kids seem to be in a constant state of snacking as families get busier. Studies do suggest eating smaller meals more frequently during the day can be healthier than the traditional larger breakfast, lunch…

School Lunches Made Simple: Teaching Kids to Make School Lunches

Teaching Kids to Make School Lunches

Back to school means back to school lunches and while we welcome getting kids back to a school routine, many of us grumble about school lunch making almost immediately. I knew very early on in motherhood that making school lunches would not be my job for long, simply because I disliked doing it. As soon as the kids were counter height I started teaching them how to make their own school lunches. This meant I needed to come up with a simple system so they could start learning as early as Kindergarten and Grade 1. I also wanted to make…