Putting Kids First!


Putting Kids First!


Putting Kids First!

Get Kids Moving: 8 Fun Fitness Games for Kids

Make fitness fun for your kids by trying one of these fun fitness games for kids. Even in the dark of winter you can get your kids moving with these fun games that promotes kids fitness while providing hours of fun indoors or out. Studies show that active kids are healthy kids and they don’t always need organized sports to stay active. Kids fitness programs are becoming more popular as a way to get kids moving when in reality, kids just need to play to stay active. Try some of these games for kids, and to make them even more…

Bored with School Lunches ? 25 Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Hands up if you are bored with making school lunches and not sure how you can come up with tomorrows school lunch never mind 19 more weeks (sorry) of healthy school lunch ideas. Break the boring routine by getting your kids involved. If they are too young to actually start helping you make the lunches, then they can at least help you come up with some lunch combinations. Sit down together and come up with items that they will enjoy eating and give you a go-to resource for healthy school lunch ideas before you’ve had your morning coffee. Look as it…

Makeover Your Morning: Frozen Breakfast Waffles Made Healthy

The convenience of frozen breakfast waffles makes it an easy way to feed a gang on a busy school morning, however the ingredient list doesn’t do much for growing kids. Enriched bleached flour and sugar are the top 2 ingredients in the boxed variety and artificial flavour and colours are part of the recipe for frozen breakfast waffles. Making your own breakfast waffles is very easy and allows you to bump up the nutritional value of a kids favorite. If you make a double batch, you will have enough to put some in the freezer so the kids can enjoy…