Putting Kids First!


Putting Kids First!


Putting Kids First!

Healthy Snacks: How to Feed a Backyard Crowd

If you have a pool or a backyard and you invite kids over, be prepared to provide some snacks. Kids ALWAYS want to be fed – especially active kids running around or playing outside. Without resorting to quick and convenient processed junk food, what can you easily prepare to feed a crowd that declares your yard the afternoon hangout? We are one of those houses that invites a lot of kids over and feeding dozens of kids at a time can be messy, expensive and most of the time, pretty unhealthy. There is only so much chips and hot dogs active…

Keep it Simple: 20 Ways to Enjoy Active Family Fun

20 Ways to Enjoy Active Family Fun #IronKidsNutrition

Warmer weather and lighter evenings make it easy to enjoy active family fun. With so few kids meeting the minimum suggested daily physical activity levels, adding active family fun can help increase the amount of exercise we all get, and have family fun at the same time.  Contributor Catherine Cameron has some great ideas that will get everyone moving, that won’t cost the earth, and that will enable your family to make some special memories this season. 20 Ways to Enjoy Active Family Fun  Head to the Park! Scope out all the parks, waterparks, and playgrounds within walking or cycling…

What is Gluten Intolerance? How to Tell if Your Child Should Be Gluten-Free

What is Gluten Intolerance

Gluten-free products are everywhere as gluten intolerance seems to be more prevalent. Previously confined to health food stores, gluten free options can now be found in your local supermarket, bakery, and likely your favourite restaurant. Should you jump on the bandwagon and be following a gluten-free diet with your child? What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein found in grain products including barley, rye, wheat and their by-products.   Gluten gives food structure, chewiness and texture. You may be aware of the obvious sources of gluten such as bread and pasta, yet there are hidden sources such as deli meats, salad…

Most Important Meal of the Day: 10 Fast & Easy Breakfast Ideas

10 Fast and Easy Breakfast Ideas #ironKidsNutrition

Need fast and easy breakfast ideas to help get your family fed and out the door?  How about ones you don’t have to make or supervise? Make your mornings even better by teaching your kids a few kitchen skills and setting up breakfasts that the kids can help themselves to in the morning so you can get ready.   Start when the kids are young with a self serve shelf in the kitchen pantry (I call this our ‘Cereal Bar’) so they become used to getting their own breakfast and making healthy breakfast choices.  Show them fast and easy breakfast…

From Grocery Store to Kitchen: 18 Ways to Teach Kids About Nutrition

If you have a kitchen, go grocery shopping and serve meals regularly then you can teach kids about nutrition. Some lessons can be taught at home, and this one is easy to do as so much can be learned in your own kitchen and during weekly grocery shopping trips. Contributor Catherine Cameron shares how she has taught her two daughters everything they know about healthy eating and nutrition. As a vegetarian family, we give a lot of thought to what goes on our grocery list and into the nutritious meals we make. My daughters, now 14 and 17, have grown up…

Meals in the Minivan: Healthy Menu Ideas for Busy Active Families

Meals in the Minivan Healthy Meal Ideas for Busy Active FAmilies

Families are busy and eating many of their meals in the minivan on the way to activities after school.  While participation in sports is a great thing for our kids, eating fast food on the go is not the best way to fuel our active children. However, eating on the go does not have to be a bad thing. If you plan ahead, do a small amount of prep, you can serve the kids homemade mini meals on the road.  I have 3 active daughters and getting each to their dance, swimming, music, and gymnastics classes means a couple nights…

10 Tips to Put the Fun in Family Bike Rides

10 Tips to Put the Fun in Family Bike Rides

Going out for family bike rides is a great family activity that can instil a life long love of cycling and encourage active outdoor kids. As parents we often ensure our kids get their two wheel freedom, but we don’t always join them for fun family bike rides and we are missing out!  Encouraging physical literacy as well as being an active role model for our kids, going for family bike rides is an excellent opportunity to add fitness and fun to your family time. Contributor Catherine Cameron shares her tips to put the fun in family bike rides and encourage us all to…

Meal Makeover: Healthy Mac and Cheese

Meal Makeover Healthy Mac and Cheese

Tell the kids you are serving them healthy Mac and Cheese and they may run from the room, but serve them this version of whole grain noodles, real cheddar and squash before telling them and see what happens! It is no secret that kids love mac and cheese and most adults can remember fondly eating it straight out of the pan as a kid. The boxed variety has long been a staple in many households and usually is the main course at the dinner table, however the actual nutritional value of boxed mac and cheese as a meal leaves a lot to…

Inspire Active Kids: How to Make An Activity Jar

Inspire Active Kids Make Your Own Activity Jar

Keep them busy outside and inspire active kids this Spring and Summer with an Activity Jar. Avoid the chorus of kids chanting “I’m bored” by making your own Activity Jar and filling it with dozens of games they can play and ideas to spark their imaginations.  I think many kids ‘forget’ all the games they can play with a ball or how much fun freeze tag can be, an Activity Jar acts as a little reminder! How to Make An Activity Jar Step 1.  Give the kids as many small pieces of colourful paper as they need and on each one…

Are Granola Bars Good for You? How to Label Shop for Healthy Ingredients

Are Granola Bars Good for You How to Label Shop for Healthy Ingredients

Granola bars are a popular snack choice for many children and parents but are granola bars good for you? Portable enough to store in the van, toss into a lunch or pull out of a gym bag after practice, they are a quick and tasty snack for many on the go.   How to Label Shop for Healthy Ingredients While some can be a nutritious option, many granola bars are a fat and sugar trap resembling a pretty packaged chocolate bar. Faced with the ever-growing selection of bars available, here are some guidelines to make sure you are making a…