Putting Kids First!


Putting Kids First!


Putting Kids First!

Healthy Smoothies for Kids: Very Berry Smoothie Recipes

Healthy Smoothies for Kids Smoothie Recipes

Getting kids to eat a healthy breakfast with fruit, protein and fiber is no easy task, but these healthy smoothies for kids might transform your morning routine. What better way to get your kids to eat more fruit than with a very berry smoothie? The best part about these smoothies is that they are full of antioxidant rich berries, vitamins, protein, fiber, they taste great AND they are super fast to make. Perfect for busy kids on the go and an easy way to start their day off full of energy. Serve them up as a healthy breakfast smoothie to fill them up,…

Join the Fun: Activities You Can Do With Kids

When the kids are babies we kept them busy and engaged by signing up for Mommy & Me gymnastics or Parent & Tot swimming lessons but somewhere along the way the activities you can do with kids seems to stop. Or did we just stop doing activities with the kids?  I remember being young and swimming with my friends and the parents would watch us from the lawn chairs looking very bored. Now as an adult, I get it. We don’t always want to splash around with a pool full of kids – we like sitting – but finding activities you can do with kids is…

Get Kids Eating Spinach: Spinach Brownies Kids Will Love

Spinach Brownies Kids Will Love

I have tested this recipe on dozens of unsuspecting kids and I am confident when I say these spinach brownies will get your kids not only eating spinach, but loving spinach. Well, in these brownies at least. I was skeptical at first, especially considering there is at least 6 cups of baby spinach in these chocolate goodies, but you don’t taste it. Or the carrots. Did I mention there is 1/2 cup of pureed carrots in these spinach brownies too?  Healthy snacks and desserts are hard to find, but these spinach brownies check all the boxes – chocolate, not a lot of added sugar,…

How to Raise Adventurous Active Kids

I don’t think I am a big thrill seeker, but I do want active kids and I do enjoy a good adventure. I’m learning the two seem to go hand in hand. I find our most fun days are when we are an active family and explore something new together – a new trail, going out in the rain, trying a new sport together or just being open to a new idea. They kids are not always enthusiastic, but I have yet to take them on an adventure they did have tons of fun on and learn a little something along…

Simple Swaps: How to Pack a Healthier School Lunch

Simple Swaps Pack a Healthier School Lunch

The goal every school year is to pack a healthier school lunch but the reality is often busy schedules and picky eaters which means just getting them out the door with any food at all is a miracle!   Simple Swaps Make Big Difference The trick to pack a healthier school lunch is to start with the kids favourite foods but tweak them or swap out for a healthier version.  An example of a simple swap can be to send a cut up apple instead of a cup of apple sauce in their lunch.  The added benefit of fiber from the peel, and nutrients…

Creative Ways to Keep Kids Active Indoors


Guest Post by Julia Lowther Keeping kids active indoors can be a challenge. Getting outdoors for fresh air and sunshine is always encouraged, but sometimes you need indoor options to keep kids active. Bundle up if you can, but if its too rainy, cold, or snowy try one of these alternatives for family fun and get kids active indoors. Keep Kids Active Indoors Family Yoga  Many yoga studios now offer family yoga, perfect for kids of all ages. Learn balancing poses and increase strength while having fun indoors. Look for a studio offering aerial yoga for high flying fun the…

Nut-Free Alternatives: Are Seeds Okay for Kids With a Tree Nut or Peanut Allergy

Seeds OK for Kids With Tree Nut Allergy

Nut and peanut allergies are a concern for many children and families. With 1 in every 13 children affected by a food allergy, especially a nut allergy, 2 families in every classroom are worried about what their child, and those around them, are eating due to allergy risk. Knowing what is safe and unsafe for children with allergies can be very confusing. With many ‘nut-free’ snacks for kids containing seeds, how can you know which seeds are ok?  Are Seeds Okay for Kids With a Tree Nut or Peanut Allergy? Peanuts and tree nuts are two of the top 8 foods…

Boredom Busters: 10 Sports Games That Will Get Your Kids Moving

Boredom Busters 10 Sports Games to get your kids moving

Even if your kids don’t play organized sports there are plenty of sports games they will love. The trick is to have a list or Activity Jar filled with different sports games ideas that they can play when they can’t think of a single thing to do! Summer is quickly approaching and that means more time for the kids to spend outside now and when school is out. And at about a week into summer holidays, the two dreaded words from your kids begin to make an appearance. “I’m bored.” Well, not for long! Here’s a list of ten sports games…

Healthy Soccer Snacks Kids (and Parents) Will Love

Healthy Soccer Snacks Kids Parents Will Love

While I am grateful to other parents for providing soccer snacks at halftime on those super hot days, I really wish we could agree to only hand out healthy soccer snacks. It is just as easy to buy a bag of apples as it is a box of rice cereal marshmallow squares. Its just as convenient to offer ice cold lemon or strawberry water instead of drink box fruit cocktails.   When did soccer snacks become so unhealthy? Debate aside as to whether kids even need a soccer snack, the bigger problem seems to be that soccer snacks have become an expected…

Active Family Fun: Geocaching – Everything You Need to Know

Active Family Fun: Geocaching Everything You Need to Know

Our family fell in love with geocaching a few years ago and it has become a big part of all our active family fun. Geocaching combines getting outdoors, being active and hunting for hidden treasure. What is not to love about that? A sure fire way to encourage kids off the couch is to tell them you are going on a treasure hunt! The best part of geocaching is that it can be done in your local park, on the side of the road and in almost every country in the world! All you need is a smart phone with the geocache app,…