Consider joining our family as WE Scare Hunger this Halloween by providing our local food banks with the most important meal of the day – a healthy breakfast.  There are many ways to collect and donate to your local food bank and Halloween is a great opportunity to do something to give back.  

Did you know that Food Bank use in Canada in 2016 was 28% higher than in 2008?

In the past our family has collected and donated all kinds of food to the food bank – as we know every little bit helps – but in our own home with 3 growing teenagers we place a huge importance on a well balanced breakfast to start the day.  So we thought, why not turn our family WE Scare Hunger Food drive into a Healthy Breakfast Food Drive and provide as many healthy breakfast options as we can!

Our IronKids business has always made a point of giving back. In our community we have supported our schools Healthy Snack Program, provided IronKids Nutrition Bars to our local food bank, and recently we sent shipments of IronKids Nutrition bars to school children overseas and to Florida, to aid in their hurricane relief. 

Eating healthy may not always be possible but getting a healthy breakfast is important for everyone as it fuels your brain, improves concentration and productivity throughout the day, increases energy, improves mood, boosts metabolism, and regulates blood sugars.

Consider joining us as WE Scare Hunger by providing our local food bank with healthy breakfast options. It’s easy to get started. 

Get Started WE Scare Hunger with Healthy Breakfast

  1. Collect Breakfast Instead
    Send a note to neighbours ahead of Halloween night explaining that you will be collecting healthy breakfast non perishable items when you are trick or treating so they are ready for pickup that night. (Don’t forget to bring a wagon with you to pull it along as you go house to house).
  2. Use your social media 
    Reach out on school Facebook groups, community groups, kids athletic groups or online friends who are neighbours and ask them to donate items & you will drive by to pick up one night after Halloween. 
  3. Reverse trick-or-treat
    Ask friends and neighbours to bring a non-perishable food item to your house when they come by to collect candy. Or they can simply leave donations on your front porch when it’s convenient.
  4. Host a Halloween house party
    Ask guests to arrive with healthy breakfast items as their admission ticket!

Decorate your wagon & your house to let people know you’re taking part in WE Scare Hunger.

Then simply take all your collected items to your local food bank. More resources and ideas can be found here on the WE Families website Food Drive How-Tos

What to Collect? Healthy Breakfast Ideas

boxed whole grain pancake mix

instant steel cut oats

peanut butter or other nut butters

wow butter or other non nut butters

real fruit jam

oatmeal packets (low sugar)

apple sauce

seed/grain bars such as IronKids Nutrition Bars

healthy granola bars

whole grain cereal

oat bran cereal

100% real juice boxes

fruit cups not packed in syrup

What other ideas do you have? Giving back is easy and fun – ask your friends and family to join in and make WE Scare Hunger your new Halloween tradition.

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