I don’t think I am a big thrill seeker, but I do want active kids and I do enjoy a good adventure. I’m learning the two seem to go hand in hand. I find our most fun days are when we are an active family and explore something new together – a new trail, going out in the rain, trying a new sport together or just being open to a new idea.

They kids are not always enthusiastic, but I have yet to take them on an adventure they did have tons of fun on and learn a little something along the way.

Being adventurous doesn’t mean it has to be risky; just trying something new, going a different direction, being outdoors, encouraging active kids by being active yourself, exploring and being open to another possibility is all adventurous in my books.

Kids can sometimes scoff at a new idea or the suggestion of doing something other than couch surfing so it is up to us parents to show them that an adventure and being an active family can be fun.

The unknown should be approached with an open mind and new paths should be experienced and explored!

How to Raise Adventurous, Active Kids

How to Raise Adventurous Active Kids Geocache Geocache
The best invention ever. Geocaching is a real live treasure hunt that is happening right now all around the world. You get rewarded for following new trails, exploring new path and seeking new adventure! Its perfect. It encourages active kids, it’s built on adventure. We have found caches in our local park, on our way to school, at the side of the road after apple picking, and even on a Florida vacation. Get the app and learn how to find the geocaches near you. The kids will be begging you to go for a hike somewhere new!

Walk Behind a Water Fall
If it is safe to do so, of course. There is something to be said about looking at a waterfall from the other side. Go off the beaten path when you can and see what you can experience that is new and different. Teaching kids to not be afraid and have a look at something from a new angle, will spark a sense of adventure!

Go Outside In the Rain
We have gotten stuck in the rain 10km away from home . . on our bikes. Not fun at the time because we were soaking wet and freezing, but some of the best memories ever! I insist we do something active as a family for Mothers Day and usually its a bike ride for ice cream.  Normal, fun, outdoors but not really an adventure. . . until it pours rain and you are far from home. The kids will never forget that bike ride. 

How to Raise Adventurous Active Kids frozen lakeGo Outside in the Freezing Cold
We drove by a frozen Lake one day and I saw people skating on it. We turned the car around and took the dog out onto the frozen tundra and the kids went slip sliding away for hours. It was a super cold winter and probably would not be THIS cold again for a few years, so I knew this adventure would be memorable because it wouldn’t be there again next year.

Sign Up for Silly Stuff
We have now done a Colour Run, a Halloween 5k at night and a Foam Fest – like a mud run but way cleaner – and had a blast each time. A bonus to having active kids is you can do active events together. Even better, most of these types of events are perfect for families that walk – no need to be a super athletic running family. Put on a tutu and go for it for it. Even if the kids are not game, bring them along. The memories (and photos) will be the best ever. 

How to Raise Adventurous Active Kids run collageGo up . .or down. Then left . . and right.
Where ever you go this year, when you get to your destination, go a bit further. If you are hiking and there is a hill beside you, climb it just to see what is on the other side. If there is a creek you pass, stick your feet in or grab a stick and search for tadpoles. If you are camping or hiking and you find a trail that goes left and right, go left first and come back again and go right.

Try Everything
You may be horrible at yoga, have no balance for Stand Up Paddle boarding, may tip a canoe, get mosquito bites hiking or trip climbing the stairs at the CN Tower . . but you should always try. Go rock climbing as a family, try laser tag together, take the kids to the trampoline park and get jumping yourself. Be adventurous and see if a little doesn’t rub off on the kids.

Make this year one of adventure seeking. Keep looking for new adventure, say yes instead of no, go left instead of right, and take the family along with you. They may think your ideas are crazy, but the lasting memories will worth the effort (even if its a fail!) and just might spark a sense of adventure in you too.