Having healthy snacks to go on hand is the best way to ensure your kids will eat more nutritious foods when hunger strikes. Sometimes it is difficult to find easy to prepare snacks to serve your family on the go and many packaged snacks at the grocery store are often laden with preservatives, artificial flavours and colours. 

Healthy snack idea’s never seem to come to mind when you are on the go, and that is one reason it is important to find healthy snacks to go like IronKids Nutrition Snack Bars, recipes to bake and keep your pantry, fridge and freezer stocked with lots of healthy options.

By keeping your pantry clear of overly processed foods no one will be tempted to grab them. Instead offer lots of prepared in advance options from our Grab & Go List or whip up some healthy muffins on our From the Freezer List and help the kids enjoy healthy snacks while they are being active!

Keep this list handy of healthy snack ideas, even post in your pantry shelves so the kids can take a look when they are hungry on the go. Getting the kids involved in coming up with more healthy snack idea’s will help them learn the importance of nutritious food vs. convenient processed snacks.

21 Healthy Snacks To Go for Busy, Active Kids

Grab & Go List

Hard boiled eggs
Roasted edamame beans or chickpeas
Raw green beans, carrots, celery
Apples & grapes
Banana or pear
Greek Yogurt
Whole grain crackers & cheese
Trail Mix – Cheerios, shredded wheat, dried apricots, blueberries, or cranberries
Nut Free Snack Bar – made with real fruit and natural ingredients such as IronKidsNutrition Snack Bars


From the Freezer List

Spinach Brownies
Chocolate Oatmeal Zucchini Cookies
Oatmeal Banana Bread
Banana pops – popsicle stick in a banana dipped in chocolate then frozen
Yogurt pops – strawberry dipped in greek yogurt then frozen


Quick to Prepare List

Banana, peanut butter on a wrap
Cheese on whole wheat English muffin
Toast, peanut butter & sliced apples
Whole grain bread & jam


It is important to teach kids to make their own snacks and not always grab a package snack when on the go. Stock your pantry, fridge and freezer with lots of options and give your busy active kids healthy snacks.