If you have a pool or a backyard and you invite kids over, be prepared to provide some snacks. Kids ALWAYS want to be fed – especially active kids running around or playing outside.

Without resorting to quick and convenient processed junk food, what can you easily prepare to feed a crowd that declares your yard the afternoon hangout?

We are one of those houses that invites a lot of kids over and feeding dozens of kids at a time can be messy, expensive and most of the time, pretty unhealthy. There is only so much chips and hot dogs active kids can handle. I prefer to forgo the usual quick and convenient party snacks, by putting out a few very simple – yet different – healthy snacks the kids are not expecting.

It is easier than you think to provide healthy snacks to a backyard crowd!

Healthy Snacks to a Feed a Backyard Crowd

Frozen Watermelon on a Stick
Cut up that watermelon, remove (or not) the rind and put a popsicle stick thru it. Freezer overnight and bam – healthy, ice cold watermelon. For a fancy version, I soak the watermelon in pink lemonade for a few hours in the fridge and then freeze them on a cookie sheet the night before the party.

Healthy Snacks: How to Feed a Backyard Crowd_applenachosApple Nachos
Best invention EVER. My kids love these. Slice any variety of apple thinly and drizzle with chocolate and /or caramel sauce.  We also sprinkle crushed almonds on top if there are no nut allergies to add some protein to this yummy snack. Granola would work too for a nut free version.

Fruit Kebobs
They are pretty and offer a variety of fruits and kids love them. Something about fruit on a stick. Easy to make, you can combine any number of fruits and have your kids help make them. Strawberries, grapes and melon are always a hit.

Steer clear of the big bags of chips and make some good old fashioned air popped popcorn (not the microwave bag kind!) to serve a big crowd inexpensive munchies.  Who doesn’t love popcorn?

Fancy Water
You won’t find juice boxes or jammer pouches at our backyard pool parties – I prefer to hydrate the kids with good old fashioned water with a sparkly or fruity touch.  Add berries, orange slices, lemon, lime or sparkle with soda water to a large jug and liven up the water to party worthy status. Invest in reusable plastic cups (or fancy glasses – whatever!) to cut down on the garbage and enable kids to serve themselves.

IronKids Nutrition Snack Bars
Once in awhile you find kids that are not big fruit eaters or arrive at your house extra hungry, have some IronKids Nutrition Snack Bars on hand to re fuel active kids and provide a nut free, gluten free, high grain snack if the kids are extra hungry.

And if you don’t have a pool but get invited to a pool or backyard party, why not take some of these snacks along. Anyone hosting a big backyard event loves contributions to the food table! Take something refreshing, healthy and fun instead of the usual chips and popsicles.

Have a safe and healthy summer in the backyard.

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Healthy Snacks: How to Feed a Backyard Crowd