Guest Post by Julia Lowther

Keeping kids active indoors can be a challenge.

Getting outdoors for fresh air and sunshine is always encouraged, but sometimes you need indoor options to keep kids active. Bundle up if you can, but if its too rainy, cold, or snowy try one of these alternatives for family fun and get kids active indoors.

Keep Kids Active Indoors

Family Yoga 
Many yoga studios now offer family yoga, perfect for kids of all ages. Learn balancing poses and increase strength while having fun indoors. Look for a studio offering aerial yoga for high flying fun the kids will love.

Trampoline Park
 Trampoline parks are the newest craze and they are an amazing workout. Parents and kids can jump from trampoline to trampoline and challenge each other with crazy jumps into the giant sponge pit. Kids can LITERALLY jump off the walls. You can even try to perfect your jump shot with a basketball while taking off from a trampoline floor.

Kids miss lazy summer days by the pool or at the beach? Check out family swims at your local YMCA or community pool and maybe even buy a seasons pass to make the most of your splash time on cold or rainy days.

Recreation Center/Open Gym
Many communities have Rec centers boasting open gym times and provide soccer balls, basketballs, hula hoops, ride on toys and more. Take the kids and get all their sillies out at the recreation centre.

Go Bowling
Many bowling alleys offer a special rail to prevent gutter balls for younger kids and if you can find it, try 5 pin bowling. Easier for kids to bowl with the much smaller balls and is fun for the whole family.

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing can be a fun experience for your little monkeys and something families with young children don’t often think about. Kids as young as 4 or 5 love bouldering (rock wall climbing without a rope) and can quickly become experts once harnessed for the big walls. Parents can take a 1 hour course to learn how to belay and work the ropes making it a great family indoor activity. 

Keep Kids Active Indoors Laser tagLaser Tag
Laser tag is a great way to get you and your kids running around while having fun as a family. Once suited up with a laser gun and put in a glow in the dark maze,  you will work up a sweat trying to avoid being a target while getting as many points as you can catching others with your laser. 

Water Park
Go as big as a weekend away to a giant indoor water park or as close as a local hotel with just a single  water slide. An indoor water park, big or small, keeps kids moving . . . and there are always SO many stairs to get to the top of the slides. 

Try one or try them all. Learn new skills and have fun as a family while keeping your kids active indoors during cold and rainy days.