Putting Kids First!


Putting Kids First!


Putting Kids First!

Feeding Kids In Sports – Nutrition For Young Athletes

Feeding Kids in Sports Nutrition for young Athletes

Guest Post By Brooke Lowther Proper nutrition for young athletes is very important but, feeding kids in sports can be tricky. The more active your kids are, the more nutrition they need to keep their body’s going. How can you feed your young athletes when they are always on the move and, more importantly, what foods can help your kids excel at the sports they love? Healthy Snacks Perfect for Feeding Kids in Sports Feeding kids in sports nutritious snacks is just as important – and most of the time easier – than making sure they are  getting full heathy…

Join Us as WE Scare Hunger with Healthy Breakfast

WE Scare Hunger

Consider joining our family as WE Scare Hunger this Halloween by providing our local food banks with the most important meal of the day – a healthy breakfast.  There are many ways to collect and donate to your local food bank and Halloween is a great opportunity to do something to give back.   Did you know that Food Bank use in Canada in 2016 was 28% higher than in 2008? In the past our family has collected and donated all kinds of food to the food bank – as we know every little bit helps – but in our…

Purge Processed Snacks: Pack Healthier School Snacks

Purge Processed Snacks Pack Healthier School Snacks

The idea of a snack or mini meal to get you through until lunch or dinner has quickly been replaced by convenient, readily available processed snacks. No where is this more apparent than in school lunches and classroom recycle bins.  We are a society living in the fast lane and somewhere along the highway we substituted empty calories and processed food for nutrition.  To make matters worse, kids seem to be in a constant state of snacking as families get busier. Studies do suggest eating smaller meals more frequently during the day can be healthier than the traditional larger breakfast, lunch…

Raising Runners: Can Kids Safely Run Distance of 5km or 10km?

Can Kids Safely Run Distance 5km 10km

Kids love to run, but can kids safely run distance? It’s one thing to play soccer and run after a ball, another to enter a 1km fun run, but at what age can kids consider running 5km? Or even 10km? After learning a few running basic like these, and some training you may be surprised what kids can accomplish.  At what age can kids safely run distance like 5km or even a 10km race? Our kids started running very young as our IronKids Brand has always sponsored local events and we believe in participating in events we sponsor. Our youngest…

Healthy Cookie Recipe: Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies with Zucchini

Healthy Cookie Recipe Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies with Zucchini

Kids love cookies, but zucchini not so much. Try this healthy cookie recipe that combines chocolate, oatmeal and a whole zucchini. Even after you tell the kids you put vegetables in their cookies, they will still ask for more. Never has zucchini looked or tasted so good. For another healthy cookie recipe try these Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies and make getting kids to eat breakfast a lot easier.  Full of vitamin C, magnesium, fibre, folate, B6 and vitamin K (not to mention antioxidants) zucchini is one healthy vegetable. The trouble is, most kids are not a fan of this member of the…

School Lunches Made Simple: Teaching Kids to Make School Lunches

Teaching Kids to Make School Lunches

Back to school means back to school lunches and while we welcome getting kids back to a school routine, many of us grumble about school lunch making almost immediately. I knew very early on in motherhood that making school lunches would not be my job for long, simply because I disliked doing it. As soon as the kids were counter height I started teaching them how to make their own school lunches. This meant I needed to come up with a simple system so they could start learning as early as Kindergarten and Grade 1. I also wanted to make…

Nutrition for Kids: Superfoods Your Kids Will Eat

Nutrition for Kids - Superfoods Kids Will Eat

When you think of nutrition and kids I bet there are not many superfoods your kids will eat that come to mind? Superfoods are nutrient-rich whole foods that provides kids with important fats, protein, vitamins and minerals to help them grow. Many common foods you already incorporate into weekly meals are superfoods; it might surprise you how many superfoods your kids will eat. There is no scientific definition of superfoods, but many agree they are nutrient dense foods that promote health and well-being. Curious how many foods you already have in your fridge that are considered superfoods? Keep it simple when making family meals and include these…

Cookies for Breakfast – Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Mornings can be crazy and some days there really is no time to sit down for a healthy breakfast, perfect time to grab one of these healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies and go.  The secret to a healthy breakfast cookie is including fiber, protein and fruit while leaving out the refined flour and sugar. Add a glass of milk or pure orange juice and breakfast is complete. If you have kids who do not eat any kind of hot oatmeal (like mine!), these cookies are the perfect alternative. Naturally high in fiber, protein and calcium, they use bananas and maple syrup instead of refined sugar and contain no…

10 Foods You Need in Your Freezer for Quick Healthy Meals

10 Foods You Need in Your Freezer

If you are a busy family with active kids you need these 10 foods in your freezer for quick healthy meals. I tend to “freezer plan” more than “meal plan”. At any given moment I can produce a meal for 5-10 people that includes protein, vegetables and grains but doesn’t include french fries, chicken finger or hot dogs. Usually in under 20 minutes.  And that is a good thing as these days as my house is slowly being taken over by kids racing off at 4pm to 2-4 hour long dance or gymnastics practices and groups of teenagers ‘popping over’ at dinner…

Raising Runners: Tips for Teaching Kids To Run

Teaching Kids to Run Distance

Moments after taking their first steps, kids are literally off and running – or so it seems – do we really need to be teaching kids to run?  Running for a sport is different than running for play, and running a race or for a distance goal has unique challenges. For soccer or basketball you need to run with speed and agility to turn quickly, to kick and to jump. For track there are obvious advantages to running fast but using arms for momentum, running with proper posture and the right technique at the start line can make a difference in how you place. These skills are…